Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aquaponics Update 11/3/10

Here's just a quick update (more pictures coming) of the system and how it's coming along. Since my last post, I have temporarily installed the water lines, connected the pvc water bed feed line, set up a timer (which still needs tuning), and have been thinking about the return system. I will most likely have a bell siphon to get rid of the water in the grow bed, then transport that water to an intermediate sump tank before returning to the barrel (pond). I just bought the pvc for the bell siphon and will be working on that tomorrow. Today I also bought a valve to regulate the flow of water into the grow bed, as it was overpowering the output and would quickly overflow otherwise.

At this point, I only NEED the fish, gravel, and bell siphon before the system is complete.

11/4/10- The bell syphon is built, just needs installed. I am using Affnan's bell siphon design with modifications; mine is much smaller.

Well, this is just a quick update and as I have said earlier, there will be more pictures to come (tomorrow) of the valve, and possibly a video of the system if I can get it all working correctly :)

-- kmgx3x

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